The Story: Christopher John Bridger and Amber Frances Garber were married in a Civil Ceremony (courtyard wedding) by David Bartlett with Tim Hodkinson and Susan Fordham witnessing (and photographing/taping-Thanks!!) at 4pm on 31 May 2009. It just so happens (unplanned) that on this date 7 years ago, Christopher asked Amber to marry him in Biloxi, Mississippi atop the Beau Rivage as dolphins were jumping in the water...really, the dolphin part is true and was quite weird or coincidental.

Unfortunately, bride and groom cake toppers are not typical fare for The Great Canadian Dollar store, so atop a Save Easy black forest cake, you will see a male pirate and Elizabeth Swann + monkey. The monkey seemed appropriate for some reason. The champagne varied a bit from the cake (Dom Perignon).

I thought the dress borrowed from my mother for my PhD graduation (it ended up clashing with the wolves on my shoes, so I did not wear it) would be the perfect borrowed. As it turned out, the dress was perfect, but was purchased by my grandmother in Paris, France circa 1979. I think I must have been too young to remember that. :-)

This website is not complete, but we wanted to get some pictures out ASAP for those who are asking...some of the videos are somewhat large, so may take quite a while to download (ceremony is the largest).